That Lucky Stiff / Bon Appétit Blu-Ray + Slipcover (US Import)

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That Lucky Stiff / Bon Appétit Blu-Ray + Slipcover (US Import)
Mélusine (Quality X)

Título original: That Lucky Stiff / Bon Appétit

Año: 1980
Código de región: 
Contenido: Blu-Ray
EAN: 810161480029

Imagen: 1.85:1 (1080p)

HDR: -

Audio: English DTS-HD Master Audio Mono

Subtítulos: English SDH

Calificatión por edades: X

Género: Erotica

Reparto: Kelly Nichols, Randy West, Samantha Fox, Ron Jeremy

Director: Chuck Vincent


Master filmmaker Chuck Vincent teamed up with acclaimed producer Robert Sumner to helm this duo of lavish, globe trotting hardcore comedies, which are presented together on Blu-ray from Quality X, both newly restored in 2K and loaded with informative extras!

Burt’s (Randy West) life couldn’t be more in the pits. His girlfriend (Kandi Barbour) can’t stand him and he’s just about broke. But when a computing error at his bank accidentally adds three zeros to his account balance, transforming his measly $300 in savings into $300,000, Burt seizes the opportunity to live his fantasies; transferring the money to a Swiss bank account and heading for Europe in search of all of the pleasures he’s been deprived of. However, he soon learns that the rich life isn’t as easy as he would have suspected.

A quick paced and witty comedy of errors, THAT LUCKY STIFF co-stars Samantha Fox, Candida Royalle, Kelly Nichols, and Merle Michaels.

Faith (Kelly Nichols) has had little success in her thespian pursuits. However, while attending a ritzy party she eavesdrops on a wager between two wealthy friends that offers a quarter of a million dollars to any woman capable of bedding the world’s ten greatest lovers in a mere 50 days. Volunteering herself for the challenge, Faith is soon whisked around the globe on a mission of seduction, but slowly learns that the allure of romance might have a stronger hold than money.

A frothy tribute to Hollywood’s jet-set comedy trend of a couple decades earlier, BON APPETIT offers sophisticated laughs, amongst beautiful locales.


    • Region Free Blu-ray
    • Both films newly scanned & restored in 2K - Bon Appetit from a 35mm Answer Print and That Lucky Stiff from it 35mm Original Camera Negative
    • Select scene commentary with actress Kelly Nichols moderated by film historian Casey Scott (That Lucky Stiff)
    • Brand new Audio Commentary with actress Kelly Nichols moderated by film historian Casey Scott (Bon Appetit)
    • Video Interview with actress Kelly Nichols conducted by film historian Casey Scott
    • Original Theatrical Trailers
    • Archival Image Galleries
    • Reversible cover artwork
    • Liner Notes Booklet
    • English SDH subtitles

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