Strip Nude for Your Killer (Limited Edition) Blu-Ray (UK Import)

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Strip Nude for Your Killer (Limited Edition) Blu-Ray (UK Import)
Shameless Screen Entertainment

Título original: Nude per l'assassino

Año: 1975
Código de región: 
Blu-Ray: A/B/C
Contenido: Blu-Ray
EAN: 5060710971910

Imagen: 2.35:1 (1080p)

HDR: -


Subtítulos: English, English SDH

Calificatión por edades: 18

Género: Horror

Reparto: Edwige Fenech, Nino Castelnuovo, Erna Schürer, Femi Benussi, Solvi Stubing

Director: Andrea Bianchi


Starring Edwige Fenech, Andrea Bianchi’s tantalisingly sleazy slasher-cum-giallo, STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER, ignited a new era of salacious shockers. Diverging from the conventional mystery elements of the genre, this film cranks up the intensity with its unabashed display of nudity and grisly violence. Prepare to be seduced by a movie that delivers on its promise of sleazy, nudity-filled gore, ensuring wave after wave of guilty exploitation pleasure for aficionados. Its success later led Bianchi to make ‘Burial Ground’.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of 1970s Milan, the untimely demise of a fashion model triggers a series of gruesome murders orchestrated by a mysterious killer in black leathers and a motorcycle helmet. The victims, all associated with a glitzy modeling agency, are slain in increasingly horrifying and gory manners.

With the chilling realisation that she may be the next target of this grisly frenzy, fashion photographer Magda (portrayed by the quintessential scream queen of giallo, Edwige Fenech) sets out to uncover the truth behind the killings. Assisted by her photographer boyfriend, Carlo (Nino Castelnuovo), she races against time to unveil the identity of the killer before it’s too late, unraveling a surprising and salacious plot twist at the very end.


  • 2K Restored from original negative. Full HD 1080P
  • Seamless options: Uniquely this release presents a choice of both ‘Tinted’ or regular ‘Untinted’ Opening scene Versions
  • Interview with Star Nino Castelnuovo ’The Sweetest Memory’
  • Interview with Star Erna Schürer ‘Emma’

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