Mientras Duermes Blu-Ray

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Title: Mientras Duermes

Year 2011
Country Spain
Region code: B
Content: Blu-Ray

Image: 2.40:1 1080p
HDR: -

Audio :
Spanish - DTS-HD 5.1
Catalan - Dolby Digital 5.1

Subtitles: English

Rating: 16
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Drama

Luis Tosar , Marta Etura , Alberto San Juan , Petra Martínez , Iris Almeida , Carlos Lasarte , Amparo Fernández , Roger Morilla , Pep Tosar , Margarita Rosed , Rubèn Ametllé and Manel Dueso

Director : Jaume Balaguero

“While You Sleep” is a horror thriller set in a neighborhood community where nothing is what it appears to be. Cesar works as a doorman at an apartment building. It may not be the best job in the world, but the truth is that he would not change it for any other, since his job allows him to know in depth all the tenants of the property, their movements, their habits. From their position it is easy to control their comings and goings, study them, discover their weak points, their secrets. If he wanted, he could even control their lives, influence them as if he were God, open their wounds and delve into them. And all without raising any suspicion. Because César has a secret, a particular game: he likes to hurt, to move the necessary pieces to create pain around him. And the new neighbor from 5ºB can't stop smiling. She enters and leaves each day radiant and happy, full of light. So he will soon become Caesar's new target. A personal challenge. An obsession. César's game is going to start to get more complicated than necessary. It will soon become unpredictable. Dangerous. If not careful, you could even turn against him.

Additional features:
Making of (14 min.)
Documentary "While You Sleep: Caesar's Worlds" (1h 50 min.)
9 Deleted Scenes (12 min.)
Sitges Festival:
Photocall and Press Conference
Premiere of the film and "Máquina del Temps" Award to Jaume (30 min.)
Promotional material:
Spot 10”, 20”, 30”
Character Clips (César and Clara)

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