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Title: Belle
Year: 2021
Country: Japan
Region code: B
Content: Blu-Ray

Image: 2.39:1 1080p
HDR: -

Audio :
Japanese - DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
Spanish - DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
Catalan - DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

Subtitles: Spanish, Catalan

Rating: 12
Genre: Anime

Cast: -

Director : Mamoru Hosoda

Suzu is a high school student who lives in a small town in Japan with her father. Nobody knows that she leads a double life in “U”, a virtual world where her avatar, Belle, is world famous for her songs. However, when a mysterious creature appears in the world of “U,” Suzu's two identities will conflict, changing her life forever.

Additional features:

Disc 1

  • Promotion in Japan (1 min)
  • The Making of It (26 min) - Exhaustive piece that includes a large number of interviews and opinions from the creatives who participated in the production. Director Mamoru Hosoda explains in detail the development of his most ambitious project.
  • How the original dubbing was made (41 min) - Interesting piece that allows us to observe Hosoda's working method with the distribution of the original Japanese dubbing and the preparation of the performers for their respective roles.
  • Roundtable with Mamoru Hosoda, Kaho Nakamura and Daiki Tsuneta (millennium parade) (15 min) - The singer, songwriter and producer of the Japanese pop group millennium parade has contributed to the film's soundtrack with the song “U”, performed together to the singer and actress Kaho Nakamura. Both tell us about their experience in a relaxed chat with the film's director.
  • TV spot (31 sec)
  • Trailers (2 min)

Disc 2

  • Special talks (30 min) - Conversations with Japanese voice actors Kaho Nakamura (Suzu / Belle), Lilas Ikuta (Hiro) and Takeru Satoh (Dragon). The actors talk to us about their respective roles and the importance of working with the acclaimed Mamoru Hosoda.
  • The Original Voices (35 min) - Interviews with the film's Japanese voice actors: Kaho Nakamura (Suzu/Belle), Ryo Narita (Shinobu), Shota Sometani (Kamishin), Tina Tamashiro (Ruka), Lilas Ikuta (Hiro) , Koji Yakusho (Suzu's father) and Takeru Satoh (Dragon).
  • Premiere in Japan (41 min) - Mamoru Hosoda and the original dub actors of “Belle” star in two revealing round tables on the occasion of the film's presentation in Japan. Pieces recorded on July 6 and 16, 2021.
  • Interview with Mamoru Hosoda (43 min) - Long conversation in which the Japanese author offers many interesting details about the unique vision behind “Belle”. The filmmaker highlights that the film has been a challenge on a scale never seen before in a production made in Japan, combining the most cutting-edge digital animation with traditional hand-drawn animation.

Disc 3

  • Mamoru Hosoda draws “Belle” (9 min) - A must-see video for every animation lover that shows us the filmmaker drawing the charismatic main character of his film.
  • Scenes commented by the director (23 min):
    • The train station - Profuse description of the station sequence, in which Hosoda shows us on his tablet the various details used while explaining his creative process.
    • The Ballroom - In this piece the director details the production of the virtual ballroom sequence, revealing the inspiration he received from the story of “Beauty and the Beast” and Disney's version of this literary classic. universal.
  • “Concept Arts” Gallery (14 min) - Spectacular selection of 165 screenshots of original designs created for the film. A perfect representation of the unmistakable style of the creations from Studio Chizu.
  • Interview with Mamoru Hosoda and Eric Wong (26 min) - Mamoru Hosoda and production designer Eric Wong speak with Jonathan Clements (author of “Anime: A History”) about their work on the production “Belle.” Before their collaboration, Wong had worked on the visual effects of such well-known films as “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” or “Super 8.”
  • The Music of “Belle” (49 min) – Two pieces that perfectly detail the collaborative nature of the film's original score through commentary by Taisei Iwasaki (musical director and composer), Ludvig Forssell (composer), and Takayuki Chiyo (music supervisor). The extensive resume of the professionals involved ranges from the field of anime to video games.
  • At the Sitges Festival (37 min) - Two exclusive pieces about Mamoru Hosoda's visit to the Sitges Festival. Included is the press conference to present “Belle” and the Masterclass starring the filmmaker, moderated by Ángel Sala, director of the Festival, and Jordi Sánchez-Navarro, coordinator of the Anima't section.
    • Press conference
    • Masterclass


  • CD with Original Soundtrack
  • Exclusive illustration: drawing made and dedicated by Mamoru Hosoda exclusively for this edition
  • Exclusive 64-page booklet with original texts coordinated by CineAsia
  • Limited Edition Numbered Certificate

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